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Action India Home Products always committed for security of women and girl, as present situation for women and girl is not good they often have to face odd situation as eve teasing whenever they travel in bus, metro and local trains so to fight against these situations self defense weapon is best option. You can buy Stun Gun in Bhavnagar from online and offline store at best price.


Action India Home Products have wide range of self defense weapon for women and girl. We understand value of women and girl for society and country; we also understand compulsion of parents who always concern for their daughter but unable to take further step. We know behavior of police in such cases whenever victim girl goes to lodge FIR against accused person.  We are committed for security of women and girl so we launched exclusive Ladies Safety Weapon for women as Stun Gun in Bhavnagar India. It is light weight, compact size and easy to operate thereby you can easily conceal it in your handbag. We have also wide range of weapon like Taser Gun, Air Pistol and Electric Shock Gun.   

Stun Gun in Bhavnagar has magnificent feature since it is light weight and easy to operate so you don’t need to take any special training to operate it. You just need to make touch on body of person who attacks you, it will give huge electric shock to the person approx 25000 voltage will affect his nervous system this will make him  paralyzed or unconscious for twenty to thirty minutes and this time is  enough for you either run away from that place or call someone for help. You can buy Air Pistol  in Bhavnagar India from our online and offline shop at best price.

Our devices are not only for women even it is suitable for senior citizen, you never know which kind of incident you may face so it will be much better to go with protection. If you are going to purchase self defense weapon then often you have to face bother of license, but you will get it without License from our store; you just need to visit our store.  

Action India home products have wide range of Ladies Safety Devices and Anti Rape Devices as, Taser Gun in  Bhavnagar and Air Gun in  Bhavnagar. We have also wide range of stun gun as Ultra Compact, Self Defense, Cell Phone Style, Police Stun Baton+ Torch, Taiwan Police, Expandable Type Stun Baton, Lipstick, Stun Baton Gun, Aggressive Dog Deterrent, Taser X 26 Smart Weapon.

Action India Home Products have been working in field of Ladies Safety Device from past two decades; we have skill and strong team of marketing who always research about demand of customer so we manufacture our product to meet the modern demand. We are leading dealer, supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Ladies Safety Devices. We have million of satisfied customer across the globe; we not only sell our products rather satisfaction of customer is our top priority so we establish 24*7 help line number from where you can resolve  your problem related products from our expert. We don’t take any shipping charge for products after online order you will your products within three days at your door step. Order Stun Gun in Bhavnagar India by online at reasonable price and ensure your security.